Lutra City Mysteries

Lutra City Mysteries is an upcoming series of point and click adventure games for Windows and Linux that puts you in the role of a detective in 1940’s film noir. It’s based on the series of games by the same name within Second Life and will feature many of the familiar characters and locations from those games.

As with the Second Life version, the first episode will be “The Delinquent Daughter” in which you, a private detective, will be tasked with finding a missing girl. However, you’ll soon discover that all is not as it appears to be as there are shadowy forces at work in Lutra City.

These games are longer and more fleshed out than their Second Life counterparts, with all new puzzles and challenges. If you’ve played the Second Life version, you’ll find this story takes a very different turn. Can you crack the case?

The project takes inspiration from both the classic and the new crop of adventure games. The games will feature the wide variety of interactions possible in classic adventures which makes exploring the environment so much fun as there is a plethora of things to discover and unique messages as you try new  things. and challenging puzzles!

It will also feature the interesting innovations in newer adventure games such as developing your character and thereby NPC reactions through your decisions and actions, and multiple choices as to how to approach a problem leading you down different paths.

We are excited to make games that are truly in the style of 1940’s film noir, avoiding the caricature, cliches, and anachronisms that have crept into most modern interpretations. Having analyzed many of these classics, we strive to accurately capture the camera angles, lighting, dialog, mood, plots, and music.

As a player, you will experience the moral ambiguity of life as presented in the classic noir of Fritz Lang and John Huston. You will be faced with the choice between virtue and survival as in the classic This Gun for Hire, and make tough life decisions in a cold, unforgiving world as portrayed in The Face Behind the Mask.

What these games deliver will be a cinematic experience, uncluttered by UI elements so that you feel you are truly inside a classic noir film.