Unicorn Dungeon

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King Haldrin is dying…

Whoever successfully brings a unicorn to the castle will be crowned the next king of Artovya.

Only one person has what it takes. And that person is… well, who knows? No one’s done it yet. I just assume someone will at some point.

In any case, play Unicorn Dungeon and follow the adventures of Sir Typhil of Creulor, one of many to take up the challenge.

Artovya can be quite a silly place what with roving hordes of hillbilly goblins and trolls who are usually too drunk to murder, but this quest is no laughing matter.

Finding a unicorn is not a task for the weak. It takes perseverance and determination the likes of which few mortals possess.

Oh… there’s one right there at the shop. Never mind.

But… can Sir Typhil convince the majestic beast to follow him back to the castle? It will take mighty feats of daring-do to prove his worth.

Rescue this princess from the clutches of the foul goblins! At least I think she’s a princess. In any case, she’s imprisoned here, so it is the duty of a chivalrous knight to save her!

Defeat terrifying beasts deep within the darkest recesses of the dungeon!

Does Sir Typhil complete his quest and become the next king of Artovya?

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