Adventure Gaming Tips: Fixation

Sometimes, in the course of an adventure game, we get to a point where we feel completely stuck with no way forward. We know there must be a way forward, but it seems like we have tried everything possible and nothing is getting us any further.

This happens to almost every adventure game player in almost every adventure game at some point or another. So, how can we get out of this rut and start moving forward again?

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Photo Contest Winners

The winners of the Photo Contest are….

3rd Place: A TIE

Photo Entry - Cassie42

“Cassie the Detective” by Cassie

Photo Entry - slamdunk

“Lutra City Fountain View” by SlamDunk

2nd Place:

Photo Entry - Elsie

“Intimidation Tactics” by Elsie

and 1st Place is……

Photo Entry - Mimos Lane

“The Criminal!” by -To-

Congratulation everyone!