The Best of Adventure Jam 2021

Now that I’ve finally finished playing every entry in Adventure Jam 2021, it’s about time I wrote about the best games of the jam. These are the games that really stood out for being especially fun to play. That’s the only criteria I am using: How fun was the game?

Also, there were a lot of good games made and this is simply my opinion on which ones are the best of the best. You should go to the Adventure Jam page and play whatever games look interesting to you there:

and… to get this out of the way since I’m not going to put my game on my own best-of list, here is my game outside the list:

Echoes of Academe

My entry is an experimental simulation/adventure game hybrid that’s different every time you play. You are a first year university student. Your character and all other people you meet in Echoes of Academe are randomly generated. You need to meet your character’s needs and responsibilities, but all other characters also have their own personality, desires, preferences, and ambitions you’ll need to contend with.

And now without further ado, the top 10 games of Adventure Jam 2021! Rather than a countdown, I am counting them up from best to less best, and so the best game of the jam is…..

1. A Weekend at Villa Apate

By: Marco Giorgini

This is pretty much as good as a jam game can get. It has an intriguing and complex story with plenty of interesting characters and situations. The puzzles are well designed and just the right level of challenge. You’ll have to get used to the mouse button functions being switched, but you’re sure to thoroughly enjoy this one.

2. IMAGinE

By: The Argonauts

This is another extremely well done, well executed adventure game. There are a variety of different puzzle types in this one which keeps things really fresh. It has a very interesting concept, style and tone that is sure to delight. Unfortunately, this one is full to the brim with moon logic, things that don’t work suddenly being possible after you do some other arbitrary thing, etc. However, it also has some very interesting puzzles and the overall quality still puts it at second place on the list.

3. Jeffrey Jetsam

By: Steven Don

I shortened the name, but you can read the whole thing in the image. This is a very nice classic style adventure game with full voice acting and plenty of humorous responses. Although it’s not too long, the puzzle design is fun and just the right difficulty for a funny experience.

4. Coffin Valley

By: WocGames

This is another fully voiced game and sports a great cast of actors. The puzzles are very sensible for the most part, and there are a surprising number of screens to explore. You’re sure to have a good time with this one.

5. Nebraska Smith

By: GuGames

This game has some very fun characters with engaging puzzles that are at just the right level of difficulty to be fun but not frustrating. And some pretty funny moments, too. The seams show a bit in this one, but it’s a game well worth your time.

6. Thinker

By: Loquimur

This is a really well designed game with a very interesting ending. While it’s pretty short, the puzzles are really clever. The dialog is a bit slow which can get annoying, but that’s literally my only complaint about this game.

7. The Telwynium

By: Powerhoof

There is quite an interesting and expansive world and lore in this game. While the story is kind of predictable, and the puzzles are not particularly inspired, it is an extremely well put together game you should definitely play.

8. The Creator is Mean 2

By: Loïc Manglou

This is a very cute game. It’s quite easy but fun to play through with some interesting nostalgia references. It’s certainly worth a play.

9. Breakfast on Trappist-1

By: Formosa Falanster

This is a simple but entertaining story. It’s more about talking to the people and getting to know the history than puzzles. There’s a rich history to discover as you progress. A solid entry.

10. Pato & Lobo

By: Perro Viejo

This is another game that is very cute. It leaves a bit to be desired, but in the end it’s cute and fun enough to make it onto this list.

The End

And there you go, folks. Those are my top 10 games of the Adventure Jam 2021. I hope you enjoy playing them as much as I did.

Once again, if you want try out other games from the jam, all of them are right here:

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