Adventure Gaming Tips: Fixation

Sometimes, in the course of an adventure game, we get to a point where we feel completely stuck with no way forward. We know there must be a way forward, but it seems like we have tried everything possible and nothing is getting us any further.

This happens to almost every adventure game player in almost every adventure game at some point or another. So, how can we get out of this rut and start moving forward again?

In this article I am going to discuss fixation.

Avoid becoming fixated on an assumption. Sometimes a player becomes convinced they know what they need to do to progress. They just can’t seem to figure out how to do it!

I have seen this happen to many players in both games. They get hung up trying to do X, spend hours trying to do X with no results, and it ends up leading to frustration and hopelessness.

In this situation, it’s best to ignore X entirely. Completely forget about it. Do something else that has nothing to do with X for a while.

What else can you do? Well…

What do you have?

First, take stock of what you’re carrying. Make special note of items that you haven’t used for anything yet. Think about each item you have and what it might be used for, anything it could be used for. And no, not how it could be used to achieve X. Forget about X! Think of anything this item might help you do. Take notes of what you come up with.

What’s around?

Next, Take stock of everything that is in the game area. The game areas for these games are very small and you can easily walk around with the examine button selected and examine every single object . None of the objects are hidden under things or any such trickery. They are all there in plain sight.

Read what the examine text says carefully. Use them and see what happens. Use all your items on them and see what happens. Do this slowly making sure you examine and use every object that can be examined around the game area.  Don’t ignore anything or dismiss it as unimportant.

Take notes of everything it is possible to do with the objects, everything. And you’ve forgotten about X right? Good.

What do people know?

Much like what you did with the objects, talk to everyone about everything you are carrying, so use talk on them and also every item you have. Take notes.

Make a plan

Now you you should have notes on every item you have and every object in the game area. As long as you were thorough in examining and using objects and talking to people, you now know everything it is possible for you to do. Therefore, you also know that it would be a complete waste of your time to try to do something that you can’t do.

While continuing to ignore X, make a plan of action using this knowledge. Try to think of every remotely useful thing you might be able to accomplish doing the things that you know you can do.

You’ll probably come up with several ideas to try, so once you have done this, put your plans into action one by one.

Happy Sleuthing!

7 thoughts on “Adventure Gaming Tips: Fixation”

  1. Good post with good tips.

    But in every game there will be a moment that you are stuck and cant find a way to come any further in te game. And then you just need a hint…not a complete spoiler but just a hint….

    I have been stuck for almost 3 days, asked several times for help but did not get any. Finally I quit the game. We are for fun in SL and not to become frustrated..:)

    1. Thanks for your reply Ina. Yes, in fact I encourage people to work together and help other players. The only people who are not allowed to give hints are the staff, including me. Everyone else is encouraged to help everyone as much as they like.

      It is difficult being one of the first players of a new game because there aren’t that many people who have gotten past the part you are stuck on to help you.

      I hope you don’t quit forever, but not working on the game and giving some time for some potential hint givers to get past where you are stuck may be a good plan, or just to give your brain a rest.

      As you said, you are here to have fun. When the frustration builds up to a level that is no longer fun, it’s a good idea to give playing the game a hiatus. It’s not a sprint. No one gets any special prize for finishing it before anyone else. The game will still be here when you are ready to come back to it. 🙂

      1. I, too, am stuck……in the Delinquent Daughter game. I’m unable to find Georgina’s apartment or Georgina herself.

        I’ve read all the available notecards, tips and hints, etc. I’ve tried to use the two inventory items I have on each other. I’ve talked to everyone in the immediate area (Lutra City) 3X.

        I have the slip of paper with the APT number and I have a scarf (from the lady in the convenience store). I’ve found Georgina’s mailbox in the lobby of the APT building, but there is no indication of which APT is hers. I’ve been through the APT building 3x, either entered or tried to enter every APT. I’ve tried to use the slip of paper with the APT number on it at each door to no avail.

        I’ve stepped away from the game a few times to gain a fresh perspective but have made no more progress.

        1. Hi Capslock. Fortunately there are tons of people who have completed The Delinquent Daughter. Try asking in the group if there is someone who can help. If you have tried that, try asking again a bit later as it varies who is online of course.

          Playing the game along with a friend is also a great strategy. I can’t stress enough how much faster progress groups make compared to single players, so you might ask some of your friends to come play and see what they can discover.

          1. Thank you for the suggestions. I’ll try asking in the group. Haven’t given up. It’s probably just me needing time to fully understand the game / how it works. Looking forward to continuing with it.

        2. I, too was stuck at this stage, but, there is a solution to where you are 🙂 Did you know that there is an upstairs to the police station? I hadn’t known that, either. I found Georgina up there…Try using the slip of paper that contains the apt number on something

          If you want a mystery buddy, hmu 🙂

  2. I, too, am frustrated and have gotten to a point where I want to give up. There is never anyone that seems to be in the group when I ask for help/hints. I have the tape recorder and am unsure what to do with it, I’ve tried recording everyone and taking it to French with no luck… 🙁

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